Immediate Arabic:
It's Time to Start Your ARABIC Language learning

“By focusing on applicable conversational skills and patterning, Immediate Arabic not only provides highly functional language performance but also gives the user an adaptable framework for future Arabic learning.” -Former Student

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Immediate Arabic

We offer courses in basic conversation in Modern Standard Arabic along with an introduction to Levantine Dialect

The scenarios are based on using real world situations and problems, combined with Smart Repetition where more vocabulary is continuously introduced.

Strategies are employed to give the student a solid idea of how to continue their road to better and better communication.

In testing we have seen our students after just a few hours of lessons be able to handle basic conversations.

Each scenario builds upon the next.

Each lesson is taught using a layering approach that continues to build with each lesson taken.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

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Lessons are structured around, a “living story”, a virtual trip to the Middle East where the student becomes engrossed in the narrative.

“Smart Repetition” is utilized to insure the student has enough repetitions to memorize vocabulary.  In addition, the creation of false memories is utilized in scenarios to insure the student can connect new vocabulary with an experience.  Vocabulary is learned by using and doing and not through straight memorization used in other programs.

Scenarios used are based on real world conversations such as going through immigration, taxi rides, bargaining with a shop keeper and visits to local and historical locations.  The individuals encountered, each with their own personalities, are based on previous, real individuals encountered during travel.

All classes are usually done online using Skype but we do offer mobile training as well.


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Who would benefit from Immediate Arabic

Anyone who has little to no knowledge of the Arabic language can benefit.

The program is designed to move someone into COMMUNICATING in the language in the fastest time possible.

Whether you are doing business in the Middle East, being deployed through the military or government, traveling for a vacation, going through your first semester of college Arabic or simply interested in starting to learn another language Immediate Arabic is ideal.

Immediate Arabic is designed to get you from point A to point B in the fastest time possible.

Additional Information Regarding Immediate Arabic

Why Choose Immediate Arabic?

Immediate Arabic provides the student with an extremely quick method of communicating in the language.  Typical language programs at universities or with online teachers usually involve a slower approach learning to read, write and learn vocabulary and grammar first.  Immediate Arabic goes straight to problem solving and conversations and does it very quickly.

What You Get

Students receive one on one instruction and instant feedback during the lessons.  All notes and specific audio is sent to the student for self study.